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Christian Counseling - Required Courses - Group 1

Overview of Group I

The following four courses form the core of the Christian counseling  programs offered. 

Group I  provides a solid foundation for the Christian counselor.  You will be introduced to the developers of current temperament theory and the founders of the NCCA, Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno. 

You will be taught about the emergence of Christian counseling as a  profession that benefits untold thousands of hurting people all over the globe.

You will understand the temperament at a professional level.  You will be authorized to create temperament profiles for others.

You will understand and agree with the ethical considerations required of Christian counselors, and be provided with useful information regarding the operation of a Christian counseling practice in a proven sound and ethical manner. 

How Long Will It Take?

Many people ask how long the process takes.  On average, people spend about 6 months finishing Group I.  Creation Therapy usually takes about 2 months, and is the longest of the Group I courses.  Basic Christian Counseling is the shortest course, and can be competed very quickly. A couple of weeks is typical.  Christian Counseling an Integrated Approach is good for 6-8 weeks on average.  A similar amount of time is needed for Quality, Ethics and Legal Issues.

You will become qualified to administer the APS, a powerful temperament inventory, learn the history of Christian counseling, and be introduced to the many issues and procedures that are an important part of practicing as a professional.

1. Creation Therapy

Authors: Richard G. Arno, Ph.D. & Phyllis J. Arno, Ph.D.

 The instructor will provide the student with an overview of the temperament and the Arno Profile System.  The course covers the development of the theory of five temperaments, the development of the Arno Profile System of temperament profiling, and practical application of the results of the profile.  Successful completion of this course will provide you opportunity to become a member of SACC, which will authorize you to produce Clinical APS reports for others and discuss the results.

This course is available in 2 formats:

CD-ROM - Electronic Format 

The entire course, including the study guide, exams, and text book are available as a set of "pdf" files which are easily viewed, printed and searched.  This search ability is especially useful to research the text for answers to specific questions about various temperaments. 

For a quick start, the text file can be emailed and you may begin your studies immediately.

Traditional Home-Study

Creation Therapy Course

  Creation Therapy is available in a traditional "distance-learning" format that includes a printed text, workbook, code of ethics, examinations and an instructional DVD.

Course Requirements:

  1. Approximately 60 clock hours
  2. Suggested time limit 26 weeks (average 6-8 weeks)
  3. Pass a  mid-term exam
  4. Pass a  final exam

2. Basic Christian Counseling

Author: R. G. Arno, Ph.D.

This course will cover, on VHS or DVD, four hours of instruction. The instructor will provide the student with an overview of the "Big Eight" (types of secular counseling/therapeutic methods). In addition, the student will be taught the difference between Christian and secular counseling, goals, techniques, and several other important topics, such as the dangers and pitfalls of counseling.

Course Requirements:

  1. Approximately 10 clock hours
  2. Suggested time limit four weeks (average 1-2 weeks)
  3. Pass a final exam

3. Christian Counseling: Integrating Temperament and Psychology

Author: Henry R. Mohn, Ph.D.

This course is approximately 133 pages in length. The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to the definition, theory and practice of biblically based Christian psychology and counseling and how this relates to Temperament Theory. 

Course Requirements:

  1. Approximately 25 clock hours
  2. Suggested time limit 10 weeks (average 3-6 weeks)
  3. Pass one exam

4. Quality, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Christian Counseling

Mildred R. Burckley, Th.D., Ph.D.

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with information regarding ethical issues in counseling. It will also provide them with a clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality. In addition, this course will provide information regarding referrals, helpful agencies and programs. Forms and record-keeping is discussed. This course consists of a textbook of approximately 133 pages in length and requires one closed book (proctored) exam.

Course Requirements:

  1. Approximate study time is 35 hours.
  2. Suggest time limit 12 weeks (average 4-6 weeks)
  3. Pass one exam

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