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Advanced Course Offerings - (Phase III)

Pastoral Counseling Center in cooperation with the NCCA offers a broad selection of advanced courses. Masters and Doctoral candidates will choose from these courses as well as specific courses available from the International Institute of Christian Counseling.  Course descriptions are available, simply click on the area of specialization (large blue underline) and then the course(s) that interest you.  Please feel free to call or email for further information regarding any of our programs.

Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy  Board Certification

Many counselors choose the area of Marriage and Family Therapy. Important work can be done helping people prepare for marriage as well as help for those with marriages that are presenting challenges.  The spiritual rewards of watching couples blossom under the guidance of the Lord and his grace are abundant and enduring.

Integrated Marriage & Family 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Integrated Marriage & Family 4 Courses $796 Online

Advanced Child and Adolescent Therapy  Board Certification

Christian Counseling Ministries that specialize in helping children are simply following the wishes of Jesus. The little ones hold the future, and their young lives hold the key to developing a sound,  fruitful relationship with Jesus and developing a fine and precious world in the future.

Child and Adolescent Therapy 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy

The pervasive nature of substance abuse is growing at a discouraging rate.  Thankfully, the Lord is present   In Florida, there is now a series of Certifications for Addiction Professionals (CAP).  In conjunction with the Net Institute and the NCCA, Pastoral Counseling is a leader in education for Substance Abuse Counselors.

Substance-Abuse-And-Addiction-Therapy 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Sexual Therapy

Sexual Therapy 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Death and Grief Therapy

Death and Grief Therapy 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Cognitive Therapy and Ethics

Cognitive Therapy and Ethics 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Crisis and Abuse Therapy

Crisis and Abuse Therapy 4 Courses $796 Printed-$13 Delivery

Temperament Therapy

Domestic Violence and Intervention Therapy

Applicant must hold a Masters degree or higher, be licensed by the N.C.C.A. and be Advanced Certified in Crisis and Abuse Therapy as well as completing the following five courses:

Group Therapy

Applicant must hold a Masters degree or higher, be licensed by the N.C.C.A. and be Advanced Certified in Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy in order to qualify for this specialty area of Advanced Certification. Then, the candidate must complete one additional course entitled Group Therapy:

Group Therapy Course

John R. Thompson, Ph.D.

The purpose of this course is to teach the student how to provide proper counsel in a group setting. This course provides a method of relating the understanding of modern psychology to that of religious faith as expressed in the Christian Bible. 

This course consists of a textbook of approximately 94 pages in length and requires one closed book (proctored) exam. Approximate study time is 35 hours. 

Application for enrollment

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