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NCCA Christian Counseling Degrees and Christian Counseling Credentials

There are seven suggested Christian Counseling degree and licensing programs outlined here.  They range from a simple certification to a combination MA-PhD curriculum. Your educational history and your experience will affect your requirements.  If you are unsure which program is right for you,  complete an application  and you will be advised which Christian counseling degree  program is right for you.  The goal is have you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.  You will not be required to duplicate coursework or study what you already have studied.

Important: Christian Counseling Programs

Below are brief descriptions of the various program offered.  To learn more about a particular program, including the costs involved, please follow the various blue underlined links.

Program One :
NCCA Christian Counseling Certification

Program One provides NCCA certification as a Christian Counselor. This program is designed for ministers and other ordained clergy who primarily need training and an NCCA certification without additional degrees.  This program is also popular with counselors who already have their Christian counseling degrees or other psychology, social work and mental health degrees.  No new Christian counseling degree is conferred. Completion of Program 1 provides the following designations:

Application to Enroll in Program One More information regarding Program 1

Program Two :
BA Christian Counseling Degree

Earn A Degree in Christian CounselingThis popular program is designed for those without a Bachelor's degree.  This comprehensive  program leads to the following Christian counseling degrees and certifications.:

Application to Enroll in Program Two More information regarding Program 2

Program Three:
Christian Counseling Masters Degree

Designed for persons holding a Bachelors degree, the success student will earn the following:

Application to Enroll in Program Three More information regarding Program 3

Program Four:
Christian Counseling PhD Degree 

Designed for persons holding a Masters degree, successful students will earn the following certifications, licenses, and degrees:

Application to Enroll in Program Four More information regarding Program 4

Program Five:
Christian Counseling MA & Doctoral (PhD) Degrees

Designed for persons holding a Bachelor's degree:

Application to Enroll in Program Five More information regarding Program 5

Program Six:
Christian Counseling Bachelor's & Masters Degrees

Designed for persons holding a High School Diploma or GED:

Application to Enroll in Program Six More information regarding Program 6

Program Seven:
Christian Counseling 2nd PhD Degree 

This "no dissertation" program is designed for persons holding an earned Doctorate (PhD) degree and provides the following certifications, licenses, and degrees:

Application to Enroll in Program Seven More information regarding Program 7