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Resources for the Christian Counselor

NCCA Directory 

The NCCA provides a free directory of NCCA members who wish to be listed.  The listing is entirely voluntary, so not all MCCA licensees are listed.  It can be useful to locate an NCCA trained counselor for a variety of reasons.  Most are happy to hear from other NCCA members and students.  The directory is free.  Please agree to the terms on the first page.  When searching, try using just the first 3 digits of the zip code instead of 5.   Here is a link to the directory

Free Student Resources

Pastoral Counseling Center is pleased to present a comprehensive selection of helpful documents, handouts, charts, tables, forms, templates, links and references. These various items are designed to enhance the Christian Counselor's ability to minister effectively to a hurting world, bring the message of peace, hope and love from God.

Temperament and Personality

The National Christian Counseling Association has developed an extensive curriculum designed to advance the understanding of the God-given temperament possessed by all. You will find (on the left-side menu) both excerpts from the text "Creation Therapy" as well as original documents developed for use in their own practices by professional counselors.

Five Temperaments   This is a descriptive handout that briefly defines each of the five temperaments by listing a number of predominant characteristics for each temperament.  Download Five Temperaments

Sample APS Reports

The following link will provide you with sample reports in the various formats available:

Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness

Steps Toward Conflict Resolution  is a single page handout that may help your counselees with concept of conflict resolution.  Complete with appropriate scriptural references, this handout may be freely distributed to any who might benefit. Download the file.

Forgiveness: God's Gift Jesus came to bring forgiveness to mankind. What could be more important? The gift of forgiveness is available to all. While not always an easy thing, forgiveness is required to live life obedient to God. This handout can provide your counselee with useful help in finding forgiveness. Download "Forgiveness Handout".


Overview of Mental Disorders Available from the Lundbeck Institute, this professional overview of mental disorders can help classify and identify issues you may encounter in your practice.  Download this useful resource.

Diagnosis of Mental Disorders An important part of a Christian counselors ministry may be to correctly determine the nature and severity of the problems facing their counselees. It is important to learn to recognize and identify medical issues so that proper referrals can be made. Insurance companies rely on proper coding of conditions be treated according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. This article is designed to help you understand these issues. Download the file here.

Be sure to visit the Book Shop for a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.  Every therapist should own a copy of this fundamental reference.

Sample Invoice with Insurance Codes

Many insurance companies will reimburse their policy holders for Pastoral Counseling. However, we strongly suggest that Pastoral Counselors do NOT accept the assignment of collecting from an insurance company.

The best practice is to provide your counselee with an invoice and let them seek reimbursement from their insurance company. 

APS Assessment may be coded as CPT-96103 as of the CPT reference 2011.  Currently, other codes have been removed or changed.  Caution is advised.

Love's Stages

The five stages of love are described in this two page summary. You may download "Love's Stages" here.

Your Contributions

This list is a "work in process" as more items become available.  Please send us your suggestions for helpful items.