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Pastoral Counseling License/Certification-Program 1

Certification for Christian Pastoral Counseling

This program awards a Christian/Pastoral counseling license only, no degrees are conferred with this program. Successful completion leads to the following designations, corresponding to any degrees already held. Existing degrees need to be in ministry, counseling or other related field. The credits for this coursework can later be applied to a degree if desired.

Program 1 is the lowest cost way to qualify yourself as a certified Christian counselor.  It will especially appeal to those who already have advanced degrees or do not have a need for an additional degree.  Course credit can be applied later to a degree program if desired.  Each of the degree programs contain all the elements of Program 1. 

Safe Choice

If you are unsure which program to select, Program 1 is always a safe choice, as it is a simple matter to change to a more ambitious program if and when it appears to be desirable. One of the following certificates will be issued upon completion of the requirements of Program 1

This prospectus is provided to provide you with an current estimate of the cost of obtaining a License or Certification in Christian Counseling. To begin your this program, please fill out an application.

Phase I -Course Descriptions CostTotal
Creation Therapy $299.  
Basic Christian Counseling $299.  
Christian Counseling w/Temperament $299.  
Quality, Ethical & Legal Issues $299.  
APS Reports (10) $300.  
NCCA required Supervision $150.  
Dues, Fees, Memberships  $150.  
    Total Cost Of NCCA Certification Phase One    $1796.

Phase II - Course Descriptions Cost Total
Mastering Pastoral Counseling $299.  
Temperament Case Studies $299.  
Counseling The Co-Dependent $299.
APS Reports (15) $450.  
NCCA Required Supervision $150.  
 NCCA Licensing Fees $100.  
    Total Cost Of NCCA Certification Phase Two    $1597.

To begin your education, please fill out an enrollment application.

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