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Me a Minister ? !?

Some future Christian counselors worry about becoming a minister.  Christian Counselors are Ordained MinistersOne of the most wonderful aspects of becoming a Christian counselor is entering the ministry (if you are not already a member of the clergy).  Once you are a minister, you will be able to legally perform all the functions that define your ministry.  If you become fully ordained, you will be able to marry couples, perform baptisms, offer sacraments, be privileged by hospitals, qualify for ministerial discounts at Christian book stores, bury those who pass on, and any other activity appropriate to an ordained minister.  Other levels of ministry can be more narrowly defined.  It is not unusual to be commissioned as a minister for a specific purpose, such as a counselor or a missionary. 

Pastoral Counseling Center Will Help

Most people do not start out as fully ordained ministers. For the purposes of being a Christian counselor, being commissioned or licensed by a established church is sufficient.  Some may prefer not to carry the responsibilities of being fully ordained, and that is perfectly fine.

Entering the ministry is one of the important preparations you must perform in order to secure your legal standing as a Christian counselor.  Students may become ordained or commissioned by an existing church if they intend to function within the boundaries of that church.  If you intend to create a free-standing counseling practice, as many do, then you will want to be independently credentialed.  

Ministerial Credentials Explained

Many of the individuals who inquire about our certification and licensing programs are already accountably ordained ministers under the authority of a church or denomination. These individuals will not require additional ministerial credentials in order to be licensed and certified by the NCCA. In most states they may perform Christian counseling services and be paid for doing so, as long as there adhere to the local and state regulations. Most states simply exempt ordained ministers, but may prevent them form using specific titles such as "therapist."

In some states they will need to establish that they are under the authority of an established church to whom they remain accountable. You will need to do a little research for your state to determine the rules. 

What If I'm Not Ordained?

Your call is just as real.  You do not want to be state licensed. You do not want to give up your right to represent Jesus as the ultimate healer. You just want to be able to answer God's call on your life.

Pastoral Counseling Center's main purpose is to provide quality training for pastors and Christians who feel God’s call to counsel. Our training results in credentials that the community (Christian and non-Christian) will recognize.

Water Baptism Led by A Christian CounselorHaving N.C.C.A. credentials ensures that you are recognized within your community as a qualified Christian/Pastoral counselor. The community can be assured that your credentials are authentic and current. Other benefits available to N.C.C.A. members include qualifying for professional liability insurance, networking with other counselors and the opportunity to earn continuing education credits at seminars and conferences. In addition, the N.C.C.A. offers assistance to its members with regard to degree transfer work and fulfillment of academic goals.

The National Conservative Christian Church NCCC

This ministry's primary function is to provide accountability and support to ministries that fall outside the traditional definition of a church. 

The NCCC charters ministries such as:

They offer support for many of the "business" aspects of a ministry. Many of the students of the Pastoral Counseling Center create a ministry commissioned by the NCCC.  

Important Disclaimer: Pastoral Counseling Center is not a legal authority, and provides this information as a free service.  Be certain to use due diligence in researching your state laws or employ the services of an attorney to assure yourself of a proper structure for your ministry.

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