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Starting your education as a Christian Counselor is simple.  Order the foundational course Creation Therapy. The way to begin your journey is to take your first step.  You will be blessed.

Order Creation TherapyCreation Therapy is a comprehensive course that provides a Biblically sound foundation for Christian counseling.  If you already are a counselor and are searching for ways to enhance your practice as a counselor, you will not find a better way than with Creation Therapy.

If you are new to the practice of Christian Counseling, you will find there is no better starting point than Creation Therapy.  This course provides an excellent introduction to the profession and integrates three college level courses into one masterpiece: Creation Therapy.

To experience a bit of Creation Therapy please enjoy reading  The Purpose and Introduction to Creation Therapy.

Choose Your Format

The course Creation Therapy is available in two formats.  Pictured above is the traditional printed version that includes a text book, a personal workbook, a Code of Ethical Standards for the Christian Counselor, instructions, two examinations, and the forms to complete an APS for yourself.  This is the preferred format for domestic (USA) students. 

Creation Therapy is also available in an electronic format.  Each document is provided as a "pdf" file that can be read on-screen or printed if so desired.  Either version contains all the same wonderful blessings.  The electronic version is required for students outside the USA. 

Become APS Authorized

After you have successfully completed this course, you will be well on your way to becoming an NCCA Certified Christian counselor, if that is your goal.

Successfully passing the two exams qualifies you for membership in the SACC.  When you become a member of the SACC you will be authorized to create APS reports for others (and charge for them). You will be able help others understand what the reports mean and how that information can improve their lives. 

After passing Creation Therapy you will be invited to join a program that will lead to a degree in Christian Counseling if you so desire. 

To begin your education without the commitment of an entire phase, Creation Therapy is the course for you:

Printed Creation Therapy $299 + $13 USPS Priority Mail USA

Electronic Creation Therapy Course $299