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A Few of the Many Blessings From Our Students...Become A Christian Counselor

Grace and peace be multiplied to you and your family. I am returning to say Thank You! 

I have started the course this evening, and I know this is God's will for my life. Thank you for making this available and affordable for people like me who are desiring to fulfill the call of God.

But most of all, thank you for encouraging me to not give up, but to step out in faith by enrolling in this course. Thank you. The wealth of information I have gained from tonight's reading and study has caused a leap in my spirit. I am also so grateful for the fact that the course is biblically based and not based on the mere wisdom of man.

I am learning with God that the more you trust Him the clearer your path becomes.  It isn't until you take the first step that He then reveals the next.  You are both mighty instruments in the hands of the Lord.  May everything your hands touch prosper for the Glory and Honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Shadira Lont - Netherlands Antilles


Without a doubt, the education I am getting what God wanted for me.  Every day when I begin my studies God puts it in my heart, "This is what I want for you."  Thank you so much for this study!  William Miller


"I am really enjoying the studies and have gained so much from them already.  THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO..  YOU MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!" MS Rev Sandra Kankakee, IN


"I am loving the study of Creation Therapy very much.  Thank you" Meg McBride - Bethlehem PA


Truly, I feel this whole journey has been a "God thing" and I am incredibly grateful that his guidance is pure and timely. That I was directed to your web site is providential - I am a lucky girl. I am blown away at the advances and depth of Christian Counseling.

Jean Fitzgerald Atlanta, GA


Online Christian Counseling Degree

"BTW,  loving this course. Putting in 3 chapters a day since receiving." Pastor Tim, VA


"I am loving all that I am learning and am so grateful to have found your program." Joanne Ossenmacher, Mission Viejo, CA


"Did an intake with a couple and administered 2 APS tests as part of my intake. I am loving this! The Lord really helped in the session today and there were many tears.  Also got a call from a lady that owns a business and is wanting to start sending clients for anger management.  God is starting to send them." Sarah Rizer, Nevada


"I am really enjoying the new courses. And thanks for your super support." Cathie W. Georgetown, TX


"Hi Dr. Young, Just wanted to let you know that my course is going well..! Wish I could just close myself into a room and not come out until it was complete....I am loving it so much and really cannot wait until I can administer the tests myself and continue moving on with my other studies!" -Jean Oddo,  FL


"I am really enjoying the course materials!" Lynn G, London, England


I am really enjoying the information I have been learning! I find myself using it almost daily. It has really impacted my people skills and discernment. I am looking forward to the next set... It has been a Blessing to say the least. God Bless! Pastor Jim McGlathery. Missouri


“As a Christian counselor in  need of continuing education courses and new counseling tools for counseling individuals, children and families, I was so pleased to have found Pastoral Counseling Center online.  Dr. Maureen Young has been instrumental in providing me the gentle encouragement and strong feedback I needed as I desired to further my educational and personal goals in the pastoral counseling ministry. I especially appreciated the ease in which I was able to study at the pace I desired. The website is very user-friendly and enabled me to order my coursework and submit my exams online any time of day or night, from any computer.   For anyone who feels that God has called them into the ministry of Christian Counseling and are looking for a quality education that provides practical yet godly instruction. I highly recommend Pastoral Counseling Center.  You have been a true answer to prayer.” Carol Erb, Board Certified Christian Counselor, Key Largo, FL


Join the blessed students and enroll today, it's free.