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How to Begin - Order Phase One Courses

All of the NCCA Christian Counseling Programs are organized into Phases (semesters). Regardless of the program, (BA, MA, PhD, etc.) ALL programs have the same Phase One. 

You are requested to order Phase One rather than attempt to order individual courses.  Phase One is available with a number of payment plans, and includes all twenty items required.  Our staff is unable to individually invoice and process payments for each of the twenty individual items required for Phase One.  However, it is acceptable to order individual courses if your situation requires it.  See link to the left.

Payment Programs Several popular payment programs are listed below. The delivery of course materials is balanced with the amount paid.  You will not be in debt to the Center if you have your program interrupted.  If you would be better served by a custom program,  our staff would be delighted to create one to suit your particular situation.  Our software can process weekly, biweekly and monthly payments.  Amounts that suit your particular budget can be arranged.

Electronic or Printed  All of the courses in Phase One are available to you in either printed or electronic format. Electronic courses are provided as .pdf files that may be transferred to a variety of electronic devices, such as tablets, Kindles, and netbooks. The first two courses contain a great deal of printed materials and may be best presented in printed format.  

Free Shipping  When courses are ordered by the phase, the shipping is FREE within the US and possessions.  Electronic delivery is free for all.

Full Payment Discount Students who pay for each phase in a single payment greatly increase the likelihood of completion.  A significant discount is offered to those who pay for Phase One in a single payment.  Make a significant commitment and save!

Phase I - Complete - NCCA Certified Temperament Counselor

Creation Therapy   $ 299.
Basic Christian Counseling   $ 299.
Christian Psychology & Counseling   $ 299.
Quality, Ethics and Legal Issues   $ 299.
APS Reports (10)   $ 300.
Supervision w/PhD (3 Credit Hours)   $ 150.
Combined Dues, Memberships, and Fees $ 150.
500 Question Biblical Knowledge Exam (if needed)   $    0.
    Total Cost Of NCCA Phase One 


Phase One Printed Single Payment $1596 Free USA  Shipping

Phase One Printed Format 3 Monthly Payments of $569  

Phase One Printed Format 6 Monthly Payments  of $299  

Phase One Single Payment Electronic $1596 Free Delivery

Phase One Electronic Format 3 Monthly Payments of $569  

Phase One Electronic Format 6 Monthly Payments  of $299  

Important: There are two pages to the order process:
Be sure to click the "GO TO PAYMENTS" Button near the bottom of the order page.

Don't see a program that fits your budget? Call us. Together we will custom design a plan to fit your specific needs. God Bless You!


Creation Therapy - The Foundation

Creation Therapy Course MaterialsIf you are ready to take your first step in your walk toward becoming a Christian Counselor, Creation Therapy is for you.  Experience a God-inspired, innovative Christian Counseling technique utilizing the temperament.  Successful completion of this course provides you with 15 credit hours towards your license and/or degree and certifies you to administer, counsel and teach the temperament, identifying strengths, weaknesses and needs of those who seek your counsel.

Creation Therapy Printed $299. Priority Mail USA Shipping $13

Creation Therapy Electronic Format $299 Free Worldwide Delivery. 

Telephone Ordering

If you would like to order by telephone, need to arrange special payment terms, or have any special requests, please email

No Risk Guarantee

Simply, if you wish to return any course purchased within the first 7 days after delivery, you may.  You will receive a 100% refund of the course cost. Return the entire course(s) in resalable condition with your request.  We are here to bless you and will not settle for less.