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 Order Phase Two

If you are ready to continue on to Phase Two, this page is for you.  Every item needed is included here. No need to order reports, supervision, membership fees, etc., separately. (You may order Phase 2 before you complete all the Phase One paperwork)

Phase 2 - Complete - NCCA Certified Temperament Counselor

Counseling The Codependent   $ 299.
Mastering Pastoral Counseling   $ 299.
Temperament Case Studies   $ 299.
APS Reports (15)   $ 450.
Supervision w/PhD (3 Credit Hours)   $ 150.
NCCA License $ 100.
    Total Cost Of NCCA Courses and Practicum Phase Two    $1597.

Phase Two Electronic Format $1597

Phase Two Electronic Format 3 Payments $533  

Phase Two Electronic Format 6 Payments $269  

Phase Two Traditional Printed Format $1597 +$13 Shipping

Phase Two Traditional Printed Format 3 Payments $533 + $4 = $537 Each

Phase Two Traditional Printed Format 6 Payments $269 + 4 = $273 Each

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If you prefer to order by telephone, need to arrange special payment terms, or have any special requests, you are always free to call us to place an order at 941-224-6127.

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Simply, if you wish to return any course purchased within the first 7 days after delivery, you may.  You will receive a 100% refund of everything you paid us. Simply return it in resalable condition with your request.  We are here to bless you and will not settle for less.