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Phase 2 Individual Items

Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective Utilizing TemperamentCounseling the Codepedent

Author: Jam LeCour PhD, CPP

This 160 Page Course is written by an expert in the field, and integrates the concept of temperament with the phenomena of codependency. 

 Course Requirements:
1. Approximately 35 clock hours
2. Suggested time limit twelve weeks
3. Pass one proctored exam

 Order Counseling the Codependent Printed Format $299+$13

 Order Counseling The Codependent Electronic Format $299

Mastering Christian CounselingMastering pastoral Counseling

Authors: Rev. John W. Luton, M.A.; Richard G. Arno, Ph.D. & Phyllis J.
Arno, Ph.D.

This course is approximately 225 pages in length. The candidate will receive specific information regarding stress, anger and guilt with an emphasis on the need to develop family relationships. This course utilizes the NCCA’s counseling model, Temperament Therapy.

Course Requirements:
1. Approximately 36 clock hours
2. Suggested time limit fourteen weeks
3. Pass one proctored exam

 Order Mastering Pastoral Counseling Printed Format $299+$13

 Order Mastering Pastoral Counseling Electronic Format $299

Temperament Case StudiesTemperament Case Studies

Compiled by Phyllis J. Arno, Ph.D.

This course is approximately 154 pages in length. The candidate will learn first-hand the counseling model used by the N.C.C.A. members and graduates.  These case studies utilize the counseling model taught by the N.C.C.A.  and also incorporate other testing instruments.

Course Requirements:
1. Approximately 35 clock hours
2. Suggested time limit twelve weeks
3. Submit one case study following format

 Order Temperament Case Studies Printed Format $299+$13

 Order Temperament Case Studies Electronic Format $299

APS Reports

Phase Two requires a total of 15 APS temperament profiles to be completed. You may pay for APS reports here. An APS account is maintained for each student, so you may purchase reports in advance, they will automatically be applied to your requests for reports in the future.   Order APS Reports $30 each 


Supervision is required of each NCCA student in order to assure a sound understand of the principles being presented.  All supervision is overseen by an National Board of Clinical Christian Therapists approved Supervisor.  In order to bless our students, supervision is performed at a rate significantly discounted from the standard counseling rate of our supervisors.  Please respect the supervisors investment of their time in you.

As with the APS reports, an account is maintained for your supervision time.  Three Hours of supervision is required in Phase One.

NCCA Required Supervision $50 / hour  


Upon completion of all the Phase Two requirements you will be eligible for certification as an NCCA Christian Counselor.  The fee for certification to this professional organization is $50 annually.
NCCA certification $100