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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How I can be sure that I am called to be a Counselor? 

Answer: Most people who become successful counselors will know it in their heart and they will have some kind of external confirmation.  A friend will ask, "Did you ever think about becoming a counselor?"  People are probably already sharing their problems with you.  It's doubtful that you found our site by "accident."

Question:  How much does it cost to become a Christian Counselor?

Degree and certification programs at Pastoral Counseling Center are very low cost.  The Creation Therapy course by itself is enough to help many who are already in the ministry, and it is only $299. Successful completion provides you with a powerful tool to help others and an experience students describe as a "blessing."

A Master's degree can be earned for about $6,000 and completed in 1-2 years.  A PhD is in the $7,000 area.  NCCA certification and licensing is a bit over $3000.  There are links to the precise costs in the the "Courses and Programs" area of this site.

Question: How do I pay for my classes?

Question: May I charge for my services as a Christian Counselor?

Answer: Yes.  Christian counselors are typically paid professionals.  Many Christian counselors earn excellent incomes. It is important to maintain a proper structure to present your services.  You need to be a part of a credible ministry and regularly hold yourself accountable to it.  This can be a local church or counseling ministry, or a national church such as the National Conservative Christian Church.

Question:  Are your programs accredited?

Answer: Certainly. The accreditation of the NCCA and the Pastoral Counseling Center is done by a agency that specializes in providing accreditation for private, non-governmental . See this page for more information on accreditation.

Question: Who will award my degree?

Answer: Pastoral Counseling Center is a division of the International Institute of Christian Counseling (IIOCC).  All degrees are provided by it.

Question:  What is the foundation of the training I will receive?

Answer: The Bible and the temperament provide the primary foundational elements of the counseling model developed by the NCCA.  Here is a link to our "Statement of Faith"

Q. Can I Be Insured As A Christian Counselor?

Answer: When you are licensed and become a member of the NCCA you will be eligible to obtain professional liability insurance through a program designed just for Christian Counselors

Q: Does a Minister of Counseling need to be approved by the state as well as by the church?

 Answer: No.  A counselor may decide to work in the realm of the state or the church or in both if they are so led.   A Christian counselor must be sure not to use confusing terminology. Clearly identifying themselves as Christians, Christian Counselors will refrain from employing acronyms or abbreviations similar to those used by state licensed persons.

Q: What formats are the courses available in?

Answer: Most courses are available in two formats, either entirely online in the form of pdf files, videos and online exams, or in the traditional home study format with texts, workbooks, printed exams. The telephone, email, Skype, video conferencing and forums are used in both.

Q. How do I enroll?

A: Enrolling is simple.  You may fill out an application. When you complete your application, you will have an opportunity to order your coursework and take advantage of some special offers.  You may also call us to begin, or if you need an answer...please call 941-756-2232.