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NCCA Student Advisement (Supervision)

Your training includes time with an adviser, who will help by going over academic, professional and clinical applications of your new skills and tools gained from your education. This provides you, the student, an opportunity to receive guidance, coaching and counseling throughout your educational process. The purpose of advisement is to help you stay focused, motivated and encouraged.

While advisement is primarily about counseling, it is also a time to discuss any other aspect of your education. You may want to make a few notes as you study and questions arise.  

Christian Counseling Advisors

Rev. Dr. Cathi NealRev. Dr. Cathi Neal

Cathi Neal is the Founder and the Executive Director of Changing Course Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with groups to develop leadership, trains group in effective communication skills, provides Professional Staff Development, Business Coaching and Individual Counseling. Cathi has many attributes to contribute to the professional staff development and counseling industry. She is an ACCT Trained Challenge Course Manager, holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, a Master of Science in Management with a Change Leadership Emphasis, and a PHD in Christian Counseling.

She is a published author of the book titled Genesis: An Addict’s Viewpoint. This is a commentary on Genesis that is simple to understand. The idea was given to her by two friends that said I would read the Bible if I could understand it. This book helped these two people change their thoughts and views on religion and God and helped bring them to Christ. She has worked in the Experiential Learning Field since 1997. She received her training through the Boy Scouts of America, Project Adventure, Ropeworks Inc. and Alpine Towers Inc., and Synergo. Cathi has 20 years’ experience in training youth and adults in areas of learning effective communication skills, group cohesion, improving decision making skills, and providing training that increase her client’s self-efficacy.

Cathi is a skilled professional and individual Life Coach and does provide individual and group counseling sessions. Cathi has recently joined forces with two International Training Companies to provide time tested curriculum for classroom management and drama reduction in schools and organizations. Cathi founded Changing Course Foundation out of the desire to help others learn how to make life decisions that will lead to a fuller more satisfying life . Cathi is dedicated to ensuring the growth and stability of the people that come into her life.

Let us know if you need to reach Dr. Neal and we will provide contact information.

Rev. Dr. Erich Junger

Dr. Erich Junger Rev. Dr. Erich Jungerhold multiple doctoral degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Christian Counseling.  He is qualified as a medical examiner and an Anglican priest.  His world-renowned skills have him travelling the world being of help in many ways. 

A supervisor for students seeking PhD and Master's degrees,  Dr. Junger provides the student with a wonderful resource of information and assistance. 

Let us know if you need  to reach Dr. Junger and we will provide contact information.   

Rev. Terri Ayers Terri AyersBA, LPC, CTC

Terri Ayers holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counseling, is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Certified Temperament Counselor. She is a Certified Coach, Founder of Whole Life Coaching , and a Trainer and Speaker through the John Maxwell Team. She has nearly 40 years of management and sales experience in various industries. Her focus is on aiding others in creating the success that they desire in their business and personal lives by assisting them in breaking through the barriers that are holding them captive. She has been a personal trainer and group fitness trainer since the mid 90's while working in her full time careers and currently teaches cycling, aerobic and toning classes and is knowledgeable concerning personal health and fitness. Terri's passion and love for God shows as she uses her gifts and calling to counsel, coach and train God's future leaders. Terri may be reached by email (here is a link) or by telephone at 941-545-8697.

Dr Sandra L Russell, PhD Clinical Christian Counseling, MA Christian Counseling, BA Education, NCCA Professional Clinical Member, Certified Temperament Counselor.

Clinical Supervision for NCCA Students

Sandra L. Russell was born in Salyersville, Kentucky; she has resided in numerous states and in several countries outside of the United States. Throughout her career, she has held various positions in several U.S. states and federal positions throughout Europe affiliated with Department of Defense Schools: Child Developmental Services, U. S. Army Education Center Counselor, adjunct college instructor, and teacher at the International School. Stateside, she has held positions in Kentucky, Georgia, New York, and Colorado. Positions are as follows: teacher for grades two-adult learners; Junior High School counselor; adjunct college instructor, both traditional classroom and on-line delivery, in disciplines on writing process, interpersonal relationships, family counseling, public speaking, and personnel counseling; supervisor for Child Development Services, Army Education Counselor, and Career Education Coordinator. Being a part of the military as both spouse, federal employee, and mother of three career officers has afforded Sandra vast opportunities to travel the world, hold numerous professional career positions, and volunteer at the military chapels where family attended and actively participated in the Christian services. Sandra’s travels have afforded her an opportunity to learn about cultures of foreign lands.

Sandra is a member of the National Christian Counseling Association, a licensed Christian counselor, and a certified temperament counselor. She is a member of the DOK, Daughters of the King, an international Episcopal order where members vow allegiance to God and community through Service-Prayer-Evangelism. Sandra serves as a mentor for family members who are dealing with addiction in the home. Volunteer time is directed toward providing resources and fellowship for veterans injured and affected with traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, psychological effects suffered from war, and homeless veterans who are provided shelter while enrolled in rehab for addiction programs.

A strong knowledge base for the needs of retired military and families are strengths for Sandra garnered through being a spouse, mother and employed as a professional Education Counselor for Army service members and families. In addition to career, family, and personal interests, Sandra is an author of several adult and children’s books. It was through her most recent book, Do You See Me? Memoir of the Invisible Woman that she discovered God’s call---earn a Ph.D. in faith-based counseling. The journey as an author promoting books provided an opportunity for speaking engagements on: “The Writing Process,” “So You Want to get Published,”and other related writing topics. Sandra is experienced in working in the prison systems of New York and Kentucky. In both, she prepared inmates for careers to assist them with assimilation back into society and taught courses for education completion for inmates while they were incarcerated. Females in the Dismiss Charities, the jail system in Owensboro, Kentucky, were enrolled in courses structured to prepare them for career options when they reentered society. Sandra administered interest surveys and counseled the female inmates on the results that best matched their interest and abilities. Sandra is a certified, trained leader for conducting sexual child abuse awareness training for the clergy, church members and staff in the area of “Safe Guarding God’s Children” for parishes in the Colorado Episcopal diocese.

Sandra lives in a small mountain town in Colorado. She continues her writing career, teaches college courses when she is not traveling and promoting her books, and actively volunteers working with veterans who suffer from war injuries, physical, emotional, and readjustment into society. Sandra is married, has three children and eleven grandchildren. She and her family travel throughout the world and enjoy intermingling with people from different cultures, broadening their world view on life. Her plans are moving forward to establish faith-based counseling services in the Tri-Lakes area: Palmer Lake, Monument, Woodmore Colorado community churches, extending into the surrounding communities. She is excited to integrate her secular counseling knowledge with Christian Counseling; what a joy to invite God into the counseling session!

You can reach Sandra by email or call (719) 481-3624

Rev. Dr Jung MI Han, PhD, CTC, LCPC/AJung Mi Han

Director of Counseling for Korean Students

A native of Korea, Dr Han came to the USA in 1965 to further her education. She found her calling in the areas of Psychology and Mental Health, earning a BA in Psychology from CUNY, M.Div and D.Min from Columbia. She also completed the NCCA training and is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - Advanced. She also holds PhD's in Christian Counseling (Bethany) and Clinical Christian Counseling (IIOCC). She was the first female to be ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1986, and served as a founding pastor, pastoral counselor, and Christian educator. She has led numerous Christian organizations, primarily in the Atlanta, GA area.

Dr. Han is currently serving as a Director of Christian Counseling and Professor of Counseling at Georgia Christian University. She also serves as Pastor of Victoria International Church Online and has maintained a private practice in Pastoral Counseling over the past 25 years.  She helps Korean students become Christian Counselors.

If you speak Korean and are called to Christian Counseling, Dr. Han would be very glad to hear from you.  She can be reached at 
678-860-3833 Mon-Fri. 10-6 pm or email here.


Rev. Dr. Maureen Young  BSW, MPH, PhD

Dr Maureen Young Christian CounselorDr. Maureen Young provides advisement for students in all phases.  She also handles all degree applications.  To arrange for an advisory session with her, please  click here to schedule an appointment   IMPORTANT: All appointments are made in EST -  Eastern Time.  Please adjust your call accordingly.  Dr. Young's number for appointments is 941-224-6147.  Skype her at dr.maureen.young

Dr. Young is a Board Certified Clinical Supervisor for the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists (NBCCT). She has over ten years of supervisory experience with the NCCA, SACC and the APS.

In addition, Dr. Young has 30 years of hands-on counseling experience in a host of different and demanding aspects of the counseling profession.  Starting out by manning crisis hot-lines and helping victims of rape and physical abuse in conjunction with local law enforcement and crisis intervention professionals, Dr. Young progressed into working with adoptive families and marriages.  As a counselor for Children's Home Society, she worked with adoptive couples and birthparents in the demanding area of adoption.

Dr. Young entered private practice in the '90's and has worked with hundreds of individuals and couples with a variety of needs.  Now she brings this wealth of experience to you.  Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Young.